Veterinary Clinic: Increased Website Traffic, Facebook Leads, and Sales

Goals for this client were increased web traffic, higher social media engagement, and growth in sales.

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The Challenges They Faced

The primary challenges for this client was generating engagement and reach on their social media pages as well as generating traffic to their website.

Primary Problem

The organic likes, their reach, and their engagement was entirely too low.

Reasons for Low Engagement

  • No consistently with posting and content.
  • Any images posted weren’t attractive and often irrelevant.
  • Lacked variety with content of posts and interaction.
  • There was no ongoing or consistent monitoring of the page.

Our Teams Approach with this Client

Research and Development

We began our work by conducting research around their target customers, their website, and their products and services.

Social Media Posting Plan

We developed a plan for social media posting that was developed around their unique voice and tone.

Social Media Management

We began by crafting social media content that increased engagement and reach with motivational posts, facts, trivia, and helpful tips and information. We managed their daily posting, monitoring, and engagement.

The Results Our Client Received

After doing detailed study of their social media accounts, we began sharing images on a planned and consistent basis which created organic engagement, reach, likes, and followers. We also shared a variety of good images, videos, and stories. Over time we saw a steady increase in all account insights.

social media management case study with local veterinary clinic