Review and Listings Management

Your website isn't the only location that you could be found. More and more are looking in places like Google Maps and Yelp for products and services.


And Thank You.

Didn’t your mama teach you manners? Well, then she taught you some key rules of reputation management. We can train your team and integrate tools to make it easy to get positive reviews and show appreciation to your happy customers.

Why are Listings and
Reviews important?


What are Listings?

When are you open? What’s your phone number? Directions to your location? There are over 70 main search directories on the internet that pull in this kind of info. The more accurate it is, the more eyeballs will see you. This is because search engines like Google and Bing reward you when this info is accurate.

What are Reviews?

Think of it like “digital word of mouth”. People are trusting the thoughts and reviews of a large group of people in their community. To put it simply sites like Google see these reviews as a simple equation, the more positive reviews you receive, the more you will be rewarded on searches.

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