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Our approach to Growth

We help ambitious brands and businesses accelerate growth.

  • Become a perceived value leader.

  • Improve your sales and marketing systems.

  • Dominate your local market.


Heart of a small firm.

Tight Knit team.

With us, you deal with our lead strategists and lead specialists each and every time.

Being tight-knit means we’re able to spot issues before they become problems. It also means we’re far more flexible in how we work with you.

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Big reveals aren’t our thing.

We believe in conversations, not presentations.
Business Team At A Meeting at modern office building
Team of smart people.

Brains of a big firm.

Having end-to-end capabilities in-house allows us to come onto a project as a ready-made team at any point of the process.

And our expertise and capabilities integrate seamlessly in a way that bigger, siloed agencies can’t hope to replicate.

Our Approach.

Growth-Driven Digital Solutions

Why we take this approach?

Here are just a few of the many benefits of going "growth-driven"


We'll clear the decks, prioritize, and align your unique goals with a smart, documented, scalable strategy.


Together we’ll direct our strongest and smartest efforts toward your most important goals.

Quick Wins

We’ll define benchmarks, uncover what works early on, scrap what doesn’t, and optimize for greater results.

Lasting Results

Get unstuck, start unlocking growth, and begin to see real meaningful and sustainable results that last.

What We Do.

How we can help you.


Growth strategy solutions to solve your complex marketing, branding, messaging, and content problems.


Growth-driven website design, online experiences, and engaging digital assets to grow your brand.


Attract more traffic, increase engagement, grow your revenue, and improve customer loyalty.

CMO As A Service

Get a seasoned, heavy-weight CMO without taking on the commitment a full-time CMO.


Custom development solutions and support with a user friendly and seamless user experience.
Meet John Bennett.

Increased Revenue by $2.2M in 2 years.

"Over the last 2 years, King Creative has helped us grow our annual revenue by $2.2M. We've eliminated our marketing challenges, increased our overall online visibility, and now our website is our primary source of new customers."

digital marketing services,social media marketing services,internet marketing service,marketing services
John Bennett, Business Owner

Excellent Roofing Company in Memphis, TN

Meet Elian Levatino.

Unforgettable messaging and a website that generates traffic.

"Thanks to King Creative, we finally have an effective messaging framework, a beautiful website with traffic that's increased exponentially. And now, the digital experience we provide online is aligned with the experience we provide to our clients in person.​"

elian levatino client testimonial from benchmark wealth management in memphis
Elian Levatino, Partner and COO

Benchmark Wealth Management in Memphis, TN

How we're different from a marketing agency.

What​ are the benefits of working with us?

Stop Burning Cash

When it comes to online marketing, do you feel like your stuck taking big risks and going broke in the process?

Stop Burning Cash

Growing your business shouldn't mean going broke in the process. Our approach creates sustainable and predictable revenue.

Meaningful Growth

Are you getting real meaningful results that are having an obvious impact to your bottom line?

Meaningful Growth

Most of our clients came to us feeling stuck with another marketing agency and looking for meaningful growth that is visible, predictable, and sustainable.

Tailored Marketing

Are you getting a handful of one-off cookie-cutter tactics OR a tailored growth marketing system?

Tailored Marketing

Our marketing system includes strategy design and the implementation of systems, tools, and tactics tailored just for you.

No One-Sided Wins

Did that marketing agency work hard to win your business but is barely working to help you win?

No one-sided wins

If something isn’t achieving the desired results, we fix it on our own dime and deliver the results you were promised and deserve.

Always Hands-On

Does your marketing feel more hands-off where strategy and improvement is hard to come by?

Always Hands-On

Most marketing agencies have a “set it & forget it” mentality. We're always hands-on, improving, and delivering transparent data.

Growth-Driven Data

Can you make solid growth-driven business decisions with the data you receive from your marketing agency?

Growth-Driven Data

Meaningful growth comes from a data-driven team using transparent data to help you make great business decisions using real data.

We Do It With You

Feel like your only options are to hire an in-house marketing team or pay a fortune to hire an agency?

We Do It With You

Both are risky and hard to scale. So, we'll train your current team (big or small), fill any gaps you have short-term, while helping you scale and backfill your team in-house.

Our Team Is Your Team

Wish your marketing agency felt like an extension of your team, minimizing risk, and motivated by your success?

Our Team Is Your Team

A dedicated account manager? No way. You get our whole team. Each person motivated to solve your marketing problems so you can grow your business.
Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Some of Your Questions

Our onboarding process is built to ensure a smooth transition from inquiry to project. An simple and seamless client experience is of critical importance at every phase.

Our process involves finalizing contracts, connecting with accounting, assigning dedicated strategists, and conducting thorough kick-off meetings. 

The breakdown of our existing clients is 43% B2B and 57% B2C. And, we have strategists that specialize and focus in each of these areas.

24% of our clients produce between 500K – 1M in annual revenue.

62% of our clients produce between 1M – 10M in annual revenue.

14% of our clients produce between 10M – 25M in annual revenue.

We work primarily in industries such as: finance, variety of professional service industries, logistics, non-profits, software, and technology. 

We have a large and varied digital marketing tool stack to assist with reporting, client communications, file sharing, campaign planning, campaign tracking, trend monitoring, analytics insights, CRO, and more. Here are just a few examples:

  • Google Workspace Apps
  • Google My Business (Certified Partner)
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Data Studio
  • Google Trends
  • Google Tag manager
  • Google Ads + Keyword Planner
  • Google Optimize
  • Facebook Pixel Helper
  • Sprout Social
  • Hootsuite
  • Agency Analytics
  • Ahrefs
  • SEM Rush (Certified Partner)
  • Screaming Frog
  • Tag Assistant
  • BrightLocal
  • HubSpot (Certified Partner)
  • Zoho One
  • Slack
  • Dropbox
  • Canva
  • Adobe Creative Suite

Absolutely. While we can’t showcase everything we do for every client, we do have a variety of our work that you can check out here.

First, let’s us just say that you will see results. However, the speed at which you will see results will be based on:

Current Status: How visible is your brand or business today? What growth efforts are already in place? How well are they performing?

Market: How competitive is your industry within your market?

Assets: Do you have a website? How well does your website perform in search rankings? Do you have good helpful value added content that potential customers can engage with?

Budget: You don’t need a huge budget to start seeing results. In fact, we’d rather see you scale your budget over time as you begin to see growth (ie. results). And, as your budget scales, so will the work we can do for you. There’s no reason you should be going broke or taking huge financial risks to grow your business.

When these 4 factors are balanced and aligned, we can definitely see some quick wins early on. And, we can generally start seeing real lasting and meaningful results within the first 3-6 months. That said, we suggest you plan on 9-12 months in order to build a comprehensive marketing system that you can rely on for predictable growth.

Each client receives 24/7 real time access to their own live, web-based dashboard which displays all of your marketing performance and analytics. This dashboard is connected directly to your data sources and digital assets such as your website, your social accounts, etc.

Additionally, weekly analysis is provided by your dedicated strategist, as well as monthly reporting review calls.

More importantly, no vanity metrics are allowed and no one on our team has the ability to manipulate your data.  And, we provide an executive layer to our reports to prevent any key growth metrics from being glossed over.

Yes, an exhaustive competitor analysis and benchmark report is a mandatory initiative/service for all new client programs.

We leverage best-in-class tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEM Rush, Moz, ScreamingFrog, Sprout Social, and more to deliver comprehensive peer analysis, audit reports, forecasting, and future strategy planning.

Our process for executing a digital marketing campaign includes the following 6 steps:

1. Assess
2. Plan
3. Build
4. Execute
5. Measure
6. Report

To get a much more detailed look at what each of these steps entails, take a look at Planning, Creating, and Executing A Marketing Campaign.

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We help ambitious brands and businesses increase website traffic, sales, customers, and revenue.

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