A growth-first team.

In addition to our lead team, we work exclusively with some of the most sought after developers, content creators, business experts, and marketing talent in Memphis and the United States.

Your Trusted Team.

We are a lean growth team.

We promise you’ll experience a relationship with our team that feels like an extension of your own internal team – from how we care for your brand to the personal touch you’ll receive.

Bart Lewis

Founder & Head of Growth Marketing

Chris Keiluhn

Financial Strategist

Kenny Jackson

Content Strategist

Stephen Altrogge

Content Marketing Strategist

Taylor Sullen

Social Marketing Strategist

How we're different from a marketing agency.

What​ are the benefits of working with us?

Stop Burning Cash

When it comes to online marketing, do you feel like your stuck taking big risks and going broke in the process?

Stop Burning Cash

Growing your business shouldn't mean going broke in the process. Our approach creates sustainable and predictable revenue.

Meaningful Growth

Are you getting real meaningful results that are having an obvious impact to your bottom line?

Meaningful Growth

Most of our clients came to us feeling stuck with another marketing agency and looking for meaningful growth that is visible, predictable, and sustainable.

Tailored Marketing

Are you getting a handful of one-off cookie-cutter tactics OR a tailored growth marketing system?

Tailored Marketing

Our marketing system includes strategy design and the implementation of systems, tools, and tactics tailored just for you.

No One-Sided Wins

Did that marketing agency work hard to win your business but is barely working to help you win?

No one-sided wins

If something isn’t achieving the desired results, we fix it on our own dime and deliver the results you were promised and deserve.

Always Hands-On

Does your marketing feel more hands-off where strategy and improvement is hard to come by?

Always Hands-On

Most marketing agencies have a “set it & forget it” mentality. We're always hands-on, improving, and delivering transparent data.

Growth-Driven Data

Can you make solid growth-driven business decisions with the data you receive from your marketing agency?

Growth-Driven Data

Meaningful growth comes from a data-driven team using transparent data to help you make great business decisions using real data.

We Do It With You

Feel like your only options are to hire an in-house marketing team or pay a fortune to hire an agency?

We Do It With You

Both are risky and hard to scale. So, we'll train your current team (big or small), fill any gaps you have short-term, while helping you scale and backfill your team in-house.

Our Team Is Your Team

Wish your marketing agency felt like an extension of your team, minimizing risk, and motivated by your success?

Our Team Is Your Team

A dedicated account manager? No way. You get our whole team. Each person motivated to solve your marketing problems so you can grow your business.
Nothing Else Matters More

Our Client Promises

Trusted Partner​

We promise to be trusted partners you can depend on for your strategy, marketing, and design needs.​


We will always respect you, each member of your team, your values, and the culture of your organization. ​

Team Player

A relationship with our team that feels personal and much like an extension of your own team.​


We will communicate, be where we say we'll be, do what we say we'll do, and exceed your expectations.


We will provide affordable services that any brand or business - big and small - won't regret partnering with.


We will display a high level of expertise, be efficient and reliable, and treat you with care and concern.

king creative is a digital marketing web design memphis company

We help ambitious brands and businesses increase website traffic, sales, customers, and revenue.

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