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Long-Tail Keywords: What They Are and How They Can Get You Tons of Traffic

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Usually, when SEOs think of success they picture their pages ranking high on a short-tail keyword query. However, although beating millions of other pages to the top of a Search Engine Result Query (SERP) is an incredible (and let’s face it: unlikely) accomplishment indeed, it’s often not as valuable at it seems.Short-tail keywords aren’t just […]

Law Firm: Local SEO Success

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Prior to Our SEO Services Coming to us in May of 2017 this local law firm had a small amount of online presence. Their desire and goal was to increase their search engine rankings organically, generate more traffic to their website, and therefore increase their client base. At the time we began managing their SEO […]

10 Shocking Stats You Need to Know About Online Reviews

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Are you a business owner or the person responsible for managing your companies online reviews and reputation?  Half of all small businesses are ignoring their online reputation and reviews on sites such as Google, Yelp, Facebook, just to name a few. However, for the half that is paying attention, they still have no grasp of […]

How To Boost Revenue With Local SEO

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Most small business owners have a basic understanding of the power of Search Engine Optimization (or SEO). In a nutshell, SEO helps people find your business. While the concept is simple, building a strategy that works successfully can be daunting. People often assume that all SEO is the same and if they have optimized their […]

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