Three Ways to Use Social Media for Marketing Research

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There is a lot that can be done with social media these days, and in some ways, it makes marketing research easier. It’s crucial that marketers learn more about their audience as quickly as possible. The following article will look at some of the ways you can use social media to your advantage during market research.

1. Surveys

Surveys are the most obvious thing we think about in marketing research. It doesn’t seem long ago that surveys were sent in the mail or filled out in-person at some marketing firm. However, things have changed, and now the vast majority of surveys are completed online.

Survey companies can use social media to promote their business and encourage new users to join their various research panels. It’s also true that brands themselves can ask their customers to fill out surveys, and they can promote this opportunity via social media. Furthermore, it’s the case that a lot of market research data is now shared on social media sites, such as Twitter.

2. Polls

The problem with surveys is they can take some time to fill out, and the information requires some level of analysis. The ability for brands to post polls has been incorporated into social media platforms for some time, and they work particularly well on Facebook, Twitter, and Instgram Stories.

The great things about polls is they can consist of just one question and provide quick insights into a particular subject. So, brands can get an instant reaction to a product or service or even get ideas for future marketing concepts, depending on the question posed. It’s also true that users are often more willing to respond to a poll than post a comment.

3. Social Media Analytics

Even if you don’t ask questions of your audience directly through surveys or polls, you can still glean information from your audience. Although, Google Analytics gives you plenty of useful information on the users that visit your website. It’s social media analytics that provides crucial information on which types of people follow and interact with you on social media.

If you want this data, analytical information is invaluable. The more you understand, the better you can create content for them. It’s also the case that you can’t do marketing well unless you know what your audience wants from you. So, delve into your social media analytics, and you can learn about demographics, location of your audience, and what interests them.

As a brand or survey company, there are different ways to do marketing research via social media. Whatever approach or platform you choose to use, you must take full advantage of the

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