Branding and Identity

As a Memphis branding and identity company, we help you bring your ideas to life from logo development to brand books, print and digital.

The foundation of your brand’s marketing reach.

How does your brand and identity impact the growth of your business.

Why your brand identity is important.

A clear identity is the foundation of a brand’s marketing and communication initiatives.

Consumers Expect More from Brands.

Rather than engage their customers transactionally, brands must clearly tell their story, convey their purpose, and promise to solve the customers problem in order to win.

The strongest brands share a clear identity with their consumers and reinforce that identity through a connected set of experiences.

Our Approach to Brand Identity.

We approaches brand identity by first laying out your foundational brand strategy.

Our strategists work to define the purpose, position, and personality of an organization. This process yields a creative brief that enables the brand to clearly communicate its mission, vision, values, and capabilities to a clearly defined audience.

Extend Your Brands Messaging

We can also extend your brand strategy to include a complete messaging framework that includes persona development, brand scripts, clarified brand promises, and brand messaging guidelines that will unify your team and leave an unforgettable impression on your customers.

Brand Strategy Toolkit

For every client, we execute everything from our brand strategy toolkit that includes tasks such as market research, community audits, brand audits, consumer research, competitive analysis, localized reach, company culture audits, and marketing audits to inform our brand strategy.

This work is eventually woven into your organizations marketing and communication strategies which eliminates the need for future discovery while also directly informing your larger integrated marketing initiatives.

How we can help.

Corporate Brand and Identity Design.

Whether a startup or a global legacy, we’ll develop a visual brand identity that resonates with your target audience, and achieves your positioning goals. We cover both B2B and B2C business models, and generate brand naming, typographic, and brand identity materials. We support existing material audits, full rebrands, or new material creation and enhancement.

Logo and Identity Design

Brand awareness is critical. For potential customers, your logo will provide a glimpse into your brand they'll remember.

Branding Guidelines

Get everyone aligned with brand guidelines that lay out your brand voice, messaging, design principles and more in precise detail.

Brand Messaging

Everything your company says should have meaning, be clear, and share how you solve customers problems.

Social Media Branding

Overcome your companies struggle with social media branding and stay consistent with your branding across all channels.

Answers about our web design and development services

Frequently Asked Questions

What is brand messaging?

In short, brand messaging is the art of using the right words to communicate who you are, what you stand for, and how you can help your customers.​

In a perfect world, you'd be able to sit down - one on one - with each potential customer and explain why they should do business with you.

Unfortunately, customers make split-second gut decisions about whether you’re worth their money. Your products and services might speak for themselves, but clear, strong messaging is a surefire way to get them into the hands (and minds) of your customers.

Your brand strategy will determine exactly what you want to communicate.

Why is it important to develop our brand?

A strong brand helps to sell your message and benefits for you. As long as any new products and services you introduce are up to the standard of your existing offerings, it becomes a great deal easier to launch new branded lines. The brand is your ambassador and advocate, attracting customers and reassuring them. At the same time, it will help to bring in a flow of new customers.

Is brand design more expensive than it's worth?

It doesn't have to be. And, we'll do everything possible to ensure you see a profitable ROI.

We do our research, establish a budget that you are comfortable with and communicate everything clearly to you.

This way, you know the costs for a project before it starts. The timeless quality of work you will receive from us also saves you from costly redesigns down the road.

How can I develop a brand on a small budget?

Deciding on your values or what makes you special need not cost anything. However, communicating your brand message and style will inevitably require a budget commitment. The key areas you could budget for are:

The development of a strapline or mission statement that succinctly conveys your message.Design needs, such as a website, a logo, business stationery and product packaging.Advertising and promotional materials that convey and support the brand promise.Staff training to make sure your employees understand your brand values and business goal

Are your brand designers easy to work with?

First and foremost, we are designing for you, not for our own portfolio.

We realize you're not just investing in a great design but more importantly the visual representation of your company moving forward.

At the end of the day, we care more about helping you reach your businesses goals.

What is a brand messaging framework?

A messaging framework is a structured and documented representation of your brand’s messaging elements.

A strong messaging framework is easy to understand and clearly differentiates your company from the competition.

At the very minimum, your brand messaging framework should include your business value proposition, target personas, differentiators, and a primary brand script.

Think of your messaging framework as a foundation for building your business and all of its related functions from marketing, communications, advertising, sales, business development, public relations, customer service, and more. Multiple teams and people can benefit from using one shared messaging framework.

Why is brand messaging important?

Brand messaging refers to the underlying value proposition conveyed and language used in your content. It's what makes buyers relate to your brand by inspiring them, persuading them, motivating them, and ultimately making them want to choose your product or service.

What is messaging tone of voice?

Your brand’s voice must always be a clear representation of its character and personality. Is your brand serious or quirky? While it’s completely okay to maintain a more serious tone with your brand messaging, remember to present yourself as human and approachable. The language you use in your messaging plays a major role in setting up the tone for your brand.


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